In Fall 2020, I will be a second-year Ph.D. student in East Asian Studies at Princeton University. Dr. Harvey Lederman from the philosophy department (also affiliated with East Asian Studies) is my advisor.

In the first year at Princeton, I explored multiple disciplines broadly and extensively. As a result, I am currently redirecting and redesigning my intellectual path. By and large, my interest in Korean and Chinese neo-Confucianism has been growing stronger. Also, over this summer and the following year, I am hoping to inquire into several areas of value theories like ethics and political philosophy. That said, I have not entirely abandoned my interest in gender and sexuality and remain hopeful that I will ultimately find a way to channel my current research area into these seemingly disparate topics. I will update more details as I develop my project further.

To provide my academic background before Princeton, I did my undergraduate years at Tufts University, where I double-majored in Philosophy and International Literary and Visual Studies and graduated with Summa Cum Laude and Highest Thesis Honors. At Tufts, with the guidance of Dr. Lee Edelman and Dr. Charles Inouye, I conducted research on gender and sexuality in colonial Korea and modern North Korea. I largely focused on the queer interpretation of political ideology in each regime and substantiated my claim through literary and cinematic examples. With the chapter summary of the North Korean part of this research, I won a writing competition open for both undergraduate and graduate students and presented it internationally. I also took courses and participated in summer seminars in Korea and China to enhance my understanding of East Asian philosophy.

Other than Korean and English, I am proficient in Japanese (5th-year level), and I conducted research for my undergraduate thesis with all three languages. I can also read modern Mandarin (3rd-year level) and Classical Chinese. I am hoping to achieve reading proficiency in German this summer.

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