*I’m on leave for AY 2021-2022. My generals and prospectus schedule is postponed to Fall 2022.

Hello, my name is Suhyun Jeong Ahn (안 정 수현, 安 丁 秀賢), of which Jeong is my mother’s last name and my middle name. Hailing from Daegu, South Korea, I moved to the United States in my teenage years, and I identify equally as Korean and American.

Currently, I am a third-year doctoral student in East Asian Studies at Princeton University. My research interest lies in neo-Confucianism, moral epistemology, and political and legal philosophy. While exploring topics like liberalism, paternalism, and public reasoning in relation to neo-Confucian epistemology, I also try to stay tuned for East Asian (authoritarian) politics. I am yet to take the “Generals” and dissertation prospectus defense, so I do not have an “official” dissertation committee.

Before coming to Princeton, I double-majored in Philosophy and International Literary and Visual Studies at Tufts University and graduated with summa cum laude and Highest Thesis Honors. My thesis topic was interpreting North Korean juche and imperial Japanese naisen ittai ideologies through cultural media, a topic and methodology I do not directly engage with anymore.

In my free time, I used to translate Korean poems into English, write short stories, take photos, and sing. I stopped these activities at least until I pass the Generals, but my translation of Kim Hyun’s Glory Hole is coming out in May 2022, published by the Seagull Books. 

If you want to learn more about the academic and translation projects I’ve been working on and my thoughts on them, please see “Academics” or “Translation” (accessible from the menu on the left side or the three-line icon in the top right corner). If you want to see the concise list of what I’ve done, you can also download my Curriculum Vitae.

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