Suhyun J. Ahn 安 丁 秀賢

Ph.D. Student and Translator
Department of East Asian Studies at Princeton University
sjahn (at) princeton (dot) edu

Curriculum Vitae



My areas of specialty are Confucianism (from Song to Qing and Joseon dynasties), metaethics, and legal philosophy. Specifically, I am planning to study how Confucian moral epistemology relates to natural law. That is, given that Confucians generally believed that 1. there is moral truth, 2. moral truth can be accessed cognitively, and 3. a law should be based on this truth, how did their moral rationalism, intuitionism, and other various epistemic theses shape their understanding of natural law? Is there any way to think about this in the contemporary context? Naturally, my academic interest extends to contemporary East Asian politics. At Princeton, I work with Drs. Harvey Lederman, Philip J. Ivanhoe (Georgetown), and Stephen Macedo. Though I will not disclose their identity until the department website is updated, I will also work with an intellectual historian who will join Princeton’s EAS in fall 2022.

In my free time, I translate contemporary Korean poetry, take pictures, and sing musical show tunes. Before coming to Princeton, I got B.A. with summa cum laude at Tufts University, majoring in International Literary and Visual Studies (East Asian literature track) and Philosophy.

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