Suhyun J. Ahn

安 丁 秀賢

Ph.D. Candidate and Translator
Department of East Asian Studies at Princeton University
suhyun.j.ahn (at) gmail (dot) com

Curriculum Vitae


My research interest was neo-Confucianism (i.e., Confucianism from Song, Ming, Qing, and Joseon dynasties), metaethics, and legal philosophy. I found the aforementioned periods particularly exciting because it is when the discourse on moral metaphysics and epistemology flourished in the Confucian tradition. Though I found history relevant, my passion lied in philosophy as I was intrigued by ideas and arguments. That said, I was also interested in the contemporary relevance of Confucian philosophy in contemporary East Asian law and politics.

I passed the general examination in October 2022 and became a Ph.D. candidate. However, I am looking to have a change in my career, mainly in a legal field. If I decide to return to a gradaute school, it will not be in East Asian Studies. I will post updates when the time comes, but if you are curious what made me leave at this stage, please reach out to me via email.

In my free time, I translate contemporary Korean poetry for fun. I have translated Glory Hole by Kim Hyun (Seagull Books, June 2022), and I have another poetry translation project coming up in 2023. My earlier works, some of which were featured in an IB textbook and online journal, are available on AhnTranslation. I was the founder and editor-in-chief of Nabillera: Contemporary Korean Literature until I started graduate school. Before coming to Princeton, I got B.A. with summa cum laude at Tufts University, majoring in International Literary and Visual Studies (East Asian literature track) and Philosophy. I had also taken Confucianism-related seminars and courses in China and Korea and worked with neo-Confucianism specialists in Korea before enrolling in Princeton.

Fun fact: Jeong (丁) is indeed my legal middle name. It is also my mother’s last name. By coincidence, the English initial and the hanja character of my middle name look alike.